How to exercise and get your baby to nap at the same time

This blog post encompasses two problems:

1) Madelyn doesn’t like to sleep. Why would she? Sleep is silly. There are plenty of other, much more fun, things she could do instead. Once she finally gives in and has a nap, she wakes up within the hour, and you can see her thinking “What did I miss out on?!”

2) Finding the time to exercise takes skill greater than I possess. I would love to keep myself healthy, but it’s just so hard to find the time to do it.

I may have solved both of these problems with one simple solution:



The baby smiled at me while I talked and sung to her until the gentle movement across the water lulled her off to sleep. And then I got to spend a couple of hours kayaking across the lake, enjoying being alone with my thoughts. I even pulled up on the bank under some shade and read while she slept out of the sun.


I might do this more often.

I love my life.


So sweet






“I know a girl, and there is no one sweeter… You’ll love her berry much”
– Strawberry Shortcake theme song

No-shoes days with dreams in the water






oh spring, how you lead me
into this new life
of promises already made

how you hold me as i sit
in a straw hat with cute rosebuds
and wait

for the sun

oh spring, how you lead me
into no-shoes days
with dreams in the water

how you breathe and roll
on country hills as i watch you
and wait

for my love.

(Ode To Betrothal)