Oh, hello there

Long time, no see. We’ve had crazy times around here, and my computer is broken, so this whole blogging thing has taken a back seat. I’m hoping to get back to normal now, but my computer is still broken, and it has all the photos I want to use for the blog posts I have drafted on it, so I need to wait until that’s fixed before I can do those. In the mean time, I thought I might do a little update, considering how long it’s been.


So, hello!

We don’t really have a baby anymore. Madelyn, just these past few weeks, is looking like a bona-fide toddler. She is so, so cute.

She started walking shortly after her first birthday in February (oh my goodness, I really need to finish her 12 month update), and pretty much just took off running. She is now almost as fast at running as she was at spider crawling, which is saying something because she crawled like a flash. She’s also really good at climbing, both up and down.

Oh, and she says words! Not many (too much running), but it’s very exciting to hear what she has to say. She says the following:

“Dad” – a LOT, as well as all the variations of Dad (Dada, Daddy, Da, etc)

“Mum” – no where near as much as Dad, but still, she says it

“Ma” – her word for breastfeeding, she says it as she assumes the position, or while pulling down my shirt in public, so I know exactly what she’s asking for

“Cat” – clear as a bell, and while pointing at the cat, so there’s no denying it

“Please” – minus the L, so more like “Pease,” and usually said with an exclamation mark, or long and drawn out

“Who’s that?” – or rather, ‘Whosat?” and also, “Whatsat?” which really makes me realise how often I must say those things

“Wow” – very rarely said just once, it’s usually “Wow, wow, wow” about something really exciting like waking up or painting a picture

“No” – sounds more like “Ni,” and again, usually said several times in a row, while running away holding onto something I don’t want her to touch

She also ‘Moo’s like a dog. So maybe I shouldn’t homeschool.

Madelyn’s ability to communicate is unbelievable. I didn’t realise a toddler so young could understand and communicate so much, but it is very, very clear what she’s trying to say most of the time. She’s very expressive and good at pointing, and she babbles away constantly (we’re guessing she’s going to be a chatterbox once she gets her tongue around the words).

Around her first birthday, Madelyn picked up a regular nap. Everyone else is talking about dropping their one year old down to only one nap a day, and mine decided to start actually having a nap during the day. I discovered that I need to keep her super busy and tire her out by actually going out and doing something in the morning, and she’ll typically have a nap when we get home for around 2 hours. So we have an activity that we go to each day of the week. We have swimming lessons, a coffee group, music and then Playcentre twice a week.

I’ve shared a bit about swimming lessons on here before. Madelyn loves her swimming lessons. Her favourite part is when they get to crawl/walk/run across the mat that floats in the water and “jump” off the end to be caught by Mum or Dad. She’s really good at closing her eyes and mouth before going under water. In fact, the other night she slipped over in the bath and fell under the water, and was totally unperturbed.

We love coffee group. Most of Madelyn’s best friends come to coffee group, and it’s so nice to catch up with them all each week. Last week at coffee group, Madelyn and her little friend gave each other a cuddle and a full on, open-mouthed kiss. It was very sweet and so funny.

Madelyn adores Mainly Music. She used to stand up and sway while singing her little heart out, but lately she’s been taking a while to warm up to it all and get off my lap. I guess she’s just becoming more aware of her surroundings, so is feeling a bit more shy and unsure. She still loves to go though, she gets so excited as soon as she realises that’s where we’re going.

Playcentre is so wonderful. It’s essentially an early childhood education environment, except that the parents/guardians are with the children the whole time. We’ve made some really good friends there, and there is so much for Madelyn to play with. She really loves to paint pictures. The other day, she had a paintbrush in each hand, and was exclaiming “Wow! Wow! Wow!” as she painted.

On the work/ministry front, we are very sad because a dear friend of ours is leaving the ministry Angus works for. She is such an incredible, talented young woman who serves God and loves people with all her heart, and it is a huge loss to have her go. Nevertheless, we are excited to see what God has planned both for her and for the ministry here in the future, and we know that He is working all things together for the good of those who love Him.  In exciting news, the dance studio I teach for is moving to a new building. My boss has worked so hard, and is such an amazing woman and boss, so it’s awesome to see this new season happening in the studio.

I’m learning to find my identity as a wife and mother first and foremost, rather than as someone who works in full time ministry. It is harder than I thought it would be, because if I struggled with not receiving recognition and praise while working in ministry, the amount I get now is almost insulting. There is no one to thank me for changing dirty nappies, or waking up through out the night, or tidying up the lounge. I need to, yet again, learn that I will receive my reward in Heaven, and so not to seek an earthly reward. I also spend a lot of time reminding myself that I will never regret this, I will never say “Gee, I wish I’d spent less time with Madelyn and more time out working with other people.” It’s a journey.

So, that is what we’ve been up to. I will try really, really hard not to go so long before writing another blog post. Oh, also, you should watch this. especially if you’re having a bad day:


10 Blogs I Think You Should Read

I spend a lot of time reading blogs these days. Madelyn is going through a “I won’t nap unless you hold me” stage (which includes, for the moment, not napping in the front pack, because if I’m moving around then she wants to see what’s up), so a good three or four hours of every day, unless I’m out and she sleeps in the car, are spent either at the computer, or on the couch. I am absolutely not complaining, I love this stage in our lives, and am so thankful to have the freedom to hold my sleeping baby every day. But, yeah, it lends itself to a lot of extra blog-reading time.

So I thought it would be fun to share the blogs I’m reading at the moment. This is by no means an exhaustive list of my favourites, but these blogs certainly are among my faves at the moment. You should go over and check them out, I think you’ll really like them too (all links should open a new tab).

1) Solo Mama
I started reading this blog when its author, Lindsay, and I were both pregnant. Her little cutie is only 9 days older than Madelyn, so it’s really fun to see how another mother with a baby the same age copes with life. She’s also into all the some baby stuff as me – breastfeeding, baby-wearing, co-sleeping (though she’s about to move her daughter into her own cot, so I’m looking forward to reading how that goes), baby-led weaning, basically just a whole lot of following her intuition. And her little Evelyn is utterly adorable.

2) Nurse Me Mama
I came across this blog on Facebook (because I spend a lot of time there, too), and I love it. Its author is a lactation consultant, so she has a lot of awesome information about breastfeeding and all that goes along with it, as well as beautiful posts about her family. At the moment, in honour of National Breastfeeding Month, she has been sharing a photo a day of herself breastfeeding her baby, which is such a cool idea that I’m kind of jealous I didn’t think of it myself.

3) Some Stuff About Stuff
This is a blog I’ve just recently started following.  The author, Jessie, has two adorable children, including Sparrow, who is having her third heart surgery at the moment. I’m sure she would appreciate your prayers, but she’s also really talented, and her blog is worth a read.

4) Katesurfs
This is another blog I’ve only just recently started following. Kate, the author, is an American who now lives in Australia. She is another parent who is into doing a lot of the same stuff with her babies as I do. She also does Elimination Communication with her kids, which is really interesting to read about because I’d heard of it before, but hadn’t really understood how it works.

5) Mrs. Odie
Mrs. Odie is like a breath of fresh air, because she doesn’t portray her life as perfectly wonderful, and so many bloggers do. She’s honest, and a very talented writer. Mrs Odie (not her real name) is a high school teacher, and her anonymity allows her to be very candid in her blog posts.

6) The Struggler’s Handbook
I came across this blog a while ago, when the struggler wrote about his daughter’s wedding (his daughter is roughly my age). He is wonderful, as is his lovely wife who has been known to comment on my blog using his WordPress account. He is a fantastic writer, and I love his way of looking at life.

7) Life With Pink Princesses
This is the new-ish blog of a young mum who, I’m pretty sure, lives in the UK. Jodie, the author, shares about her life as the mother of two gorgeous little girls. She has also written a couple of books that are available for purchase, and is a talented writer.

8) Housewifing
This blog provides me with a lot of inspiration for being an amazing housewife. Michele, the author, shares candidly about her life looking after her family. She’s currently doing a Motherhood With A Toddler series, which is a really interesting and informative read.

9) Flow Thyme
I found this blog on the Breastfeeding NZ Facebook page, and I’m so glad I did. The author is another attachment parenting New Zealand mother, with a beautiful baby daughter, Alyssa. I love reading about her life.

10) The Pattys
This is another blog that I started following when I was pregnant, and the author’s little girl is a few months old than Madelyn.