Our family


We are a young family living in the Waikato, New Zealand. Angus and I met when we were teenagers and started dating three years later (you can read the full story here). In April of 2010, he proposed in front of 200 children and young people at an event we were working at, and we married in December 2010 (you can read a bit more about our amazing wedding here). When we’d been dating for two years, we both got jobs at a full time ministry, and so have been living and working in community with the other staff here for almost four years. Our daughter was born in February 2013, and our lives are irreversibly changed for the better. We both feel that God has put us together to be parents, not just to our own children, but to other children and young people who need us. For this reason, we provide respite for children in foster care, with a long term vision to open our home more permanently to foster children.

The lady:


I am Courtney. I’m a 25 year old wife and mother. I am passionate about children and young people, especially about girls, and particularly about keeping them from being caught up in sexual exploitation. I worked in full time ministry up until February 2012, when I left to finish the degree I’d started before being offered the job, and to teach dancing. God had bigger plans that He hadn’t let us in on yet, and I fell pregnant with our first baby that May. This year, I am a housewife, a dance teacher when I can be, and a mum with all of my being.

The man:


(He doesn’t pose seriously for photos all that often)

Angus is my husband. He’s 26 years old, and is the very best kind of man. He is strong and he is wild. He is reliable, funny, a provider. He is smart, even more so then he realises. He still works at the ministry I mentioned above, and is also an emergency medical technician. He likes hunting, 4-wheel-driving and water sports. His faith in the sovereignty of God is inherent and unshakable. He is particularly good with teenagers, especially boys, and stands in as a male role model for several fatherless boys in our community. He is easy to be proud of. I am excited to see where God takes him, because I know that he was made for something incredible.

The darling daughter:

Madelyn Maria was born on the 17th of February, 2013. She is the most wonderful little girl. She’s very happy and energetic, and a little powerful personality is already starting to emerge. Before she was born, a man visiting our church prayed for her, and said that her life would be full of colour and song. Our prayer is that she would worship God all of her days, and that she would have the presence of a princess raised in the royal court. We are excited to see her grow and feel privileged to be her parents.


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