It’s been awhile…

A very, very long while.

I don’t really have a good excuse as to why. Our internet crashed during a storm, and was unable to be reconnected. So we didn’t have internet for two months, until a new connection was made. After that, I was just out of the habit. I tried to get back into the habit, but the thing is that this precious, adorable little princess calls me Mummy, and I can’t get enough of her.

While she naps, I think of all the things I should do with the quiet time. But first, I cuddle up to her as she sleeps. She wraps her warm little arm around my neck and her fingers flutter in my hair. If I stay there, she will sleep for hours, sighing peacefully, content in her mummy’s arms. I am keenly aware that these days will pass all too soon, and when they do, I won’t get them back. So the vacuuming goes undone, dinner goes unmade, emails go unreplied to, and blog posts go unwritten, because while I am still given these moments by the bucket load, I will take them with both hands, and I won’t let them go.

Madelyn is so delightful, and growing up so fast. She talks in sentences, and sings surprisingly tunefully. She loves to dress up in tutus and pretty dresses. If I want to leave the house with her wearing actual clothes, then I have to make sure the hide the dress ups the day before. Most of the time I go with it, because why shouldn’t she wear a tutu to the supermarket? She loves music, dancing and singing. She always wants to put music on and dance, and most of the time she sings while she plays, as if she has endless music running through her head. She’s stubborn and determined, and fiercely protective of her tutus and dresses. She adores her friends, and asks to see them often. She loves to swim and ride her little bike, and to paint and read books, and play with her baby dolls. She can count to 4 without help, and to 8 with help (she needs a reminder about 5 and 7), and sing several songs (her favourite is Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star).

Right now she’s telling me that Daddy is in town, and we’ll see him soon.

The biggest change that has happened since I last shared on here is that our little darling is GOING TO BE A BIG SISTER.

I’m 24 weeks pregnant, and due in May. So far all is going well, except for a hint of high blood pressure, which was the reason I needed to be induced last time. We are praying that this time my blood pressure will stay at a healthy level for the entire pregnancy and labour, and I’m doing everything I read about to try and keep it healthy. It’s frustrating, because I’m a healthy person, I eat well and exercise, and have a perfect blood pressure when not pregnancy. Something about pregnancy just makes my blood pressure go crazy.

Madelyn knows in kind of an abstract way that there’s a baby in Mummy’s tummy, or perhaps rather that Mummy’s tummy is a baby. She was so sweet when I suffered from morning sickness, the first time she was around to hear me throw up, she came into the bathroom saying “Oh, sick sick. Oh, sick sick” and started rubbing my back. Towards the end, she would just poke her head through the door and call out, “You okay, Mummy?” She loves to play midwife, which pretty much just involves me lying on the couch with my tummy out, and her poking things in my belly button.

Angus is good too. So that’s us. We are so, so happy.


6 thoughts on “It’s been awhile…

    • Thanks! I’m really looking forward to this new season in our lives, though it’s crazy to think that soon we won’t just be a young couple with a baby, we’ll be a family with kids! :)

  1. I did post a comment but I can’t have done it right. Anyways, Congratulations! I’m really excited for the both of you and wish you the very best! I pray God continues to bless your family!

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