Kiwi Mummy Blog Review – Kai Carrier

Madelyn and I were sent some Kai Carriers by Kiwi Mummy Blogs to review.

Even though we’re doing Baby-Led Weaning with Madelyn, I do like to give her purees for breakfast because we’re often in a rush and she doesn’t get the chance to sit down and have a nice, long, leisurely breakfast. I prefer to use those little puree pouches out of which the puree can be squeezed or sucked, but I also prefer to give her homemade purees so that I know what’s in them.

So when these Kai Carriers arrived in the mail, I could not believe how perfect they were!

Kai Carriers have been voted the Munch Cooking Best Kids Kitchen Product for 2013. They are reusable food pouches, which you can put your own homemade food into, but which can be used just like the disposable pouches. They are dishwasher safe and can be stored in the freezer. Not only can they be used for baby food, but they also work well for storing custard, yoghurt, dips and sauces, which will make trips to the lake a lot easier.

They have a zip-lock at the top, making putting the puree into the pouch super easy, and the bottom folds in and can be pressed out, so they can be stored flat but actually fit quite a lot of food in them.

We took a Kai Carrier filled with pureed apple to coffee group at church last Wednesday morning, and Madelyn loved eating out of it.




(In the last photo, she is clearly more interested in the camera than in breakfast!)

With the disposable pouches of pre-made puree, there is usually heaps of mess if I let Madelyn suck the food from the pouch, so I was expecting the same with the Kai Carrier. But, apart from a tiny bit around her mouth, there was no mess at all! Usually it ends up dripping down her front, but the Kai Carrier kept the food really tidy. It either went straight into her mouth, or stayed in the pouch.

There was no leakage into my handbag, even after the cap had been opened, and the puree residue cleaned right out when I ran some water into it. It didn’t lose any quality after being in the dishwasher, so it’s definitely dishwasher safe.

These Kai Carriers are going to make my mornings so much easier. I can simply put a couple of ice cubes of puree into a pouch and put it in the fridge overnight, and then take it with me in my handbag when we go out in the morning.

Kai Carriers can be purchased from the Munch Cooking website. I would definitely recommend getting a couple, even if you don’t feed your baby purees all that often. I’m so glad to have some handy.

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