Mischief-Proof Christmas Tree

I had been so, so excited about putting up a Christmas tree this year. It would be Madelyn’s first Christmas, and it would just be so wonderful to have a tree up and make it all special.

And then I realised she’s at the exact age where she’ll love to get into lots of trouble around the Christmas tree, which would not only be annoying but could potentially be dangerous if she pulled it onto herself. But I really, really wanted a Christmas tree…

Enter: The Mischief-Proof Christmas Tree


It is simply Christmas-themed scrapbook paper sellotaped to the wall, with some ‘lace’ tape and pretty card flowers as decorations. Madelyn can pull herself up on the wall and touch the Christmas tree all she likes, and I can feel all festive without worrying.


DSCF2420 DSCF2421








Also, how RED does her hair look today?!


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