Sleep, my child, and peace attend thee…

Today is one of those days where everything feels like too much. I can’t be bothered doing anything.

I feel sorry for people who talk to me on days like this, because they start out the conversation so bubbly and ready to discuss whatever needs to be discussed and I answer, “I don’t really know…” And then I feel I have to qualify that answer by saying “I’m sorry, I feel so yuck today, I can’t really process anything” which instantly kills the conversation, and makes the other person feel like they have to be sympathetic. I mean, what do you even say to someone who can’t string two thoughts together because she’s been up all night for the past 9 months?

I’m just so tired.

I felt this way last Friday too. It’s like my body can make it six days of little sleep and constant baby-minding, but then on the seventh day it can do no more.

I wish I had more to say about this, a clever little quip about motherhood, or an inspiring thought on how it’s all worth it. But I don’t. I’m too tired.

Maybe tomorrow?




6 thoughts on “Sleep, my child, and peace attend thee…

  1. Right there with you, my friend. Really. Sometimes I wonder just how long I can go without having a full night’s sleep. So far it’s almost been 10 months and I haven’t snapped. Yet. On the bad days, I think about sleep training (which I would never do). It just makes me feel better to fantasize about having a baby who sleeps and doesn’t use me as a milk bar all night long.

    • Haha, me too! On days like yesterday, I tell myself that if she’s still like this after a year, I’ll night wean her. And then usually after a bit of sleep, I feel better again and say “It’s not that bad…”

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