Sunday Special: What’s for Brunch?

(I know it’s not Sunday, but I was going through my drafts and found this, so thought I’d finish and publish it)

My husband and I have a particular fondness for breakfast foods. We love cooked breakfasts, and really enjoy having people over to share breakfast with us. Finding breakfast to share with a 9 month old can be quite tough. You don’t really want to give her too much bacon, it’s quite hard for her to eat pancakes, she can’t have cows milk…

So, what’s for Baby-Led Weaning Brunch?

French Toast (Eggy Bread) with Home-Made Berry Sauce and Fried BananasĀ 


French toast, or eggy bread, is insanely easy to make. Simply coat day-old bread in raw egg and fry it. The berry sauce is easy too, all you need to do is heat up a tin of berries in juice with a teaspoon of sugar or honey, and stir it until it’s a nice gloopy texture. And of course, for fried bananas you…fry some bananas. Angus and I also had bacon and maple syrup. French toast with all the trimmings is so yummy, yummy, yummy.


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