The summer sun knows me by name

A perfect day.

There was already a sandpit in our yard when we moved into this house last year, but I didn’t think there was any sand in it. So I was extremely excited to pull off the cover to find that not only is there sand, there are toys.




When she started getting tired, we went inside and I tried to put her down for a nap. But even though she was grizzling and rubbing her eyes, it was just far too hot for her to sleep.

A tub for toys doubles perfectly as a paddling pool, so we sat in the shade and cooled off.




Then we enjoyed some afternoon tea (and forgot to save some for Daddy)



Oh, my life. It is so wonderful. She is so wonderful.


3 thoughts on “The summer sun knows me by name

  1. Hello,
    Struggler’s wife here –
    I wanted to say that Madelyn is so beautiful and she is so blessed to have such loving parents. You and Angus are doing a great job and I think she will love being able to read your words about her and see all the fun pictures when she is a little older.
    It’s truly a gift that you are giving her.
    God bless you all, you sweet family.

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