Eight months old

Madelyn Maria is now eight months old.


This has been another amazing, exciting month with so much development. It’s so incredible to see her little personality evolve. She is so, so cheeky. She is determined to get into the cat food, so every time I’m not looking she races towards it. If I see her and call out her name, she looks at me, giggles, and crawls faster. She get so excited about everything, and loves being around people. I didn’t get a photo of her the day she turned 8 months old, because she was sick and it felt cruel to dress her up and make her pose for a photo when she just wanted to cuddle and breastfeed. But she was dedicated at church the next day, so I got a few of her then.


She’s started playing games. She loves, loves, loves “This Is The Way The Lady Goes,” and “This Little Piggy.” And she loves chasing. I hide behind something, then peek out and call “Madelyn!” and she crawls over with a big grin on her face. I crawl around the other side, so she gets there and goes “Where has she gone?” and I peek out and call “Madelyn!” and she crawls around to my side, so I crawl to the other side again, and on it goes. She loves it (and okay, I do too). She also loves it when we copy her. We were having dinner one night and just started copying her, and once she realised that’s what we were doing she got so excited. Now she’ll do something and then look at us like “You do it now!”


Her crawling style has changed yet again. Now she crawls on one knee and one foot, unless she wants to go really fast. It looks so funny. And she pulls herself up to stand on everything. She isn’t quite cruising the furniture yet, but I’ve seen her drop something and then use all her brain power to figure out how to pick it up while still standing.


She has two teeth! Her two bottom teeth popped up at almost the exact same time. They’re still not quite through enough to be called full teeth, but they’re definitely there. She won’t let me show anyone though, so it took awhile even for Angus to believe me that she had teeth. They didn’t seem to bother her too much when they came through. She had a bit of a temperature, and was a bit grizzly, but it was no where near as bad as I thought it would be.


Two days after Madelyn turned 8 months old, she started waving! Her great-grandparents were leaving after visiting for the weekend for her dedication, and when they waved goodbye, she waved back. She waves with her fist closed and her arm straight, and lifts her arm up and down with it straight. She looks so proud of herself when she waves, you can see how much she loves to be interacting.


She is so precious, so beautiful. We love her so much and are so thankful to have her in our family.


2 thoughts on “Eight months old

    • Haha, yeah, she was eating it too fast for me to knock it out of her hand! She’s actually 9 months old (as of yesterday) – I’m so slack with these updates! On the brightside, I have finished writing her 9 month old update so the plan is to get it up within the week :)

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