What’s for Dinner? Sausages, peas and vegetable mash


If I’m honest, Angus is actually the better cook out of the two of us. He just seems to be more successful at it more often, and I think he enjoys cooking more than I do, too. So often, if he’s home, I’ll start out cooking dinner and he’ll take over. Sometimes he’ll just insist on cooking dinner and kick me right out of the kitchen until it’s ready.

This was one of those evenings. I could smell whatever he was cooking, and I knew it was going to be so, so yummy. I was right. What was for dinner?

Sausages, peas and vegetable mash


We tend not to buy meat from the supermarket. We get home kill beef and pork once a year, as well as venison several times a year, and that usually lasts us almost the entire year. The sausages were beef, and I think they were actually the last of the home kill sausages.

This was Madelyn’s first time eating peas. Her pincer grip has really developed, and she gets so excited about being able to pick up each individual pea and put it in her mouth. It’s also exciting to spit them back out again.

The sausages and peas were, well, just sausages and peas. It was the vegetable mash that was really special, and it was that which I could smell as he was cooking it. It had potatoes, kumara, capsicum, carrots and onion in it, all mashed up together. The onion had been caramalised, so it was especially tasty. Madelyn loved it, too, and it was so easy for her to eat because she didn’t have to chew it. Definitely a winner for baby-led weaning dinner.


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