Madelyn’s first little swimming lesson

Madelyn started swimming  lessons last week.


Because we have a boat, and a pool and a river where we live, it was vital that she started swimming lessons as soon as possible. Her swimming lessons are fun and her amazing teacher, Elizabeth, uses gentle techniques to help babies be confident in the water.



Poor bubba was not so keen.

Which is so funny, because she’s usually so happy with whatever is happening as long as she’s fed. She just really was not in the mood for swimming.


The game was to pull the starfish off the wall, “swim” to the other side, and stick it up on the other side. At least holding the starfish was fun!


“The arms on the swimmer go paddle, paddle, paddle all around the pool”


This was her least favourite part

On the bright side, we went again this week and she didn’t cry! She was still really serious though. It was so funny, she hardly smiled the whole time, just looked around and took it all in.


3 thoughts on “Madelyn’s first little swimming lesson

  1. So cute! It’s so full on for them, a lot to take in for them. She looks like she is doing really well. We had the same thing with Ruby yesterday at swimming, she did NOT want to be held in the pool, which is kind of a problem and fought against me the whole time. Like you, we will keep persevering though! (Where’d you get those gorgeous togs from! hehe)

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