Madelyn goes to the speakeasy

Okay, it wasn’t a speakeasy, it was a 1920s soiree. But it is far more funny to talk about a 7 month old at a speakeasy, so that’s what I called it when I got her ready.

Angus’s cousin turned 21, and her party was a 1920s soiree. It was actually fun to dress Madelyn up for this one, especially because it meant I could justify buying her an outfit I really wanted.

Madelyn wore a purple romper from Lilly & Boo, which cost $20, and a matching headband which was $5 if bought with the romper. And then, because her little tootsies were cold, white socks with cute little frills. She looked adorable.

1920ssoiree (2)

(And yes, the right side of this photo does look funny. I decided to be that mum who blacks herself out of photos today)


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