Five months old

It almost seems impossible, but my big girl is five months old.


This has been an exciting month. Madelyn loves to make people laugh. She loves being the centre of attention, and just shines when there are people to smile at her and play with her. She has this big, beautiful smile and her face just lights up when someone smiles at her. She giggles and squeals with delight so much.


Daddy worked at a Monopoly-themed camp, so Madelyn dressed up as the Scottie dog player piece

She’s a chatterbox, and will tell me long and detailed stories the entire way around the supermarket. She smacks her lips for awhile after a feed. She’s learning to do more and more with her voice too. The most fun thing for her to do is blow raspberries, and she always looks so pleased with herself. Yesterday morning, she did a little fart and then blew a raspberry like she was copying the sound. I couldn’t stop laughing.


She is getting very strong and mobile. She isn’t quite crawling yet, but can creep around to change direction, and has started scooting backwards by pushing herself up on her hands and knees and kind of flopping down. She gets so frustrated when she’s trying to move forwards and keeps going backwards. This afternoon she was putting her leg up and pushing her toes against the floor, and she was so, so close to actually moving herself forwards. She rolls over all the time now. Changing her nappy has become rather difficult, because she refuses to stay on her back. She has even managed to roll herself right off the changing mat a couple of times.


She’s just getting over her first cold. I am extremely thankful that it has only been a cold, because several of my friends’ babies have had bronchiolitis and it sounds awful. Madelyn has just had a runny nose and a little cough, and has wanted to feed hourly (day and night). She also had her first fall tonight. I felt so awful. I put her on the chair next to me while I got ready to feed her, and then suddenly there was this thud, and she was lying on the ground. She looked shocked, and started to cry just as I started feeding her, so thankfully she wasn’t upset for too long. I called Angus and he came home and checked her, but she was giggling and smiling and alert, so he said she was fine.


Her sleep has been erratic. It’s been a while since she’s had a big 8 or 9 hour stretch of sleep, for the most part she’s been sleeping for 3 hours before waking up for milk and a cuddle. For a couple of nights this week, she’s felt awful and so has been awake and crying for several hours. One night she ended up sleeping on my chest, like she did as a newborn. Another night, Angus took her for a drive to McDonalds at 4am. But for the most part, she sleeps really well, just waking up for a quick drink and to check we’re all still there.


She can sit up all by herself now. Angus’s mum brought down his old high chair (with a new cover, courtesy of his gran), which she loves to sit in. She thinks she is the coolest kid on the block sitting in her big girl high chair. It makes meal times so much easier because she feels like she’s a part of things. She can sit at the table and play with her toys and talk to us while we enjoy our meal.


We joke that she’s a Pentecostal baby. At church one evening, there was a video played in which the speaker got really fired up. She got really excited too, and started calling out with delight, like she was saying “Amen! Preach it! That’s good!”

DSCF0718 - Copy

It seems crazy, but we’re sure she sings and dances. Whenever there is music playing, she bops around and goes “Aaaaah!” It’s incredible to think that when Madelyn hears music, she already automatically wants to move and make noise with her voice. She also enjoys “This little piggy,” and actually giggles when the little piggy goes “wee, wee, wee all the way home.”


Madelyn is such a delight. She is so funny and so adorable. We love our little daughter.


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