Four months old

Madelyn Maria is now four months old.


She is growing and changing so much. Every day, there is something new to celebrate.


She was seeming massive to me, until she got to 4 months old and was still no where near fitting into her 3 – 6 month sized clothing. She must still be on the smaller side of life. But she’s still so healthy and yummy and chubby. I’m finding now I can’t even remember how tiny she was when she was first born.


On the 10th of June, a week before she turned 4 months old, Madelyn started sitting up by herself. She does the “tripod sit,” where she supports herself with her hands. She’s still not quite strong enough to sit without someone sitting behind her because she’ll often suddenly face-plant, or tip to the side, which is pretty cute. She’s always been an upright baby, she detests laying down, so I guess it makes sense that she would have found a way to hold herself upright as soon as possible.


On the 18th of June, the day after she turned 4 months old, she rolled over from her back on to her tummy. That means she can now do a full circle, but I don’t think she knows that yet. It had been looking like that’s what she was going to do for a while, but she couldn’t quite make it. We were playing on her play mat, and I started shaking a toy up beside her shoulder. She tried so hard to reach for it, but kept falling back onto her back, so when she got herself half way over I just held her there and she completed the roll. We did this a couple of times, and then, with much effort, she rolled over onto her tummy all by herself. My clever girl.


She has found her feet. They are the most exciting thing out. She keeps looking at them like, “Everywhere I go, those things are there!”  It’s also extremely fun to taste them. A couple of times I’ve caught her looking at them, and I could swear she’s been thinking “I wonder what they taste like… I should eat them” because she’s wobbled forward like “1…2…” and then suddenly lurched forward and stuffed her feet in her mouth.

DSCF0572 - Copy (2)

We’ve officially come to the stage in life where we can’t have anything in front of us on the desk or table, if she’s sitting on our knee. She grabs for everything that passes her line of vision. More and more, she has actually been able to grab on to whatever she’s reaching for, and she can hold things for quite a long time. There are still plenty of times though where she swipes and misses by a mile. She’s particularly good at pulling hair.


She loves being on her tummy, and we don’t think it will be too long before she crawls. She already seems to be trying to figure it out. It’s like she knows that if she does something with her arms and legs, she’ll move forward, but she hasn’t quite figured out what that something is. She mostly just puts her head down and frantically waves her arms and kicks her legs, and then looks up like “Did I move yet?”


She giggles. It is the most beautiful sound in the world. She isn’t yet consistent about what she will giggle at, so we’re having fun trying to find out what makes her laugh. She is very ready with her giggles, but then we’ll do something again that she’d previous giggled at and she’ll just look at us blankly.


And she is on full volume all the time. She squeals with delight and shouts. When she’s upset, she loudly lets us know. She just loves making herself heard. She charms people wherever we go. She smiles so easily, and she’s just started doing the adorable smile-then-hide-in-mum’s-shoulder thing.


Her daddy is the flavour of the month. Whenever he walks in the room, she stops whatever she’s doing to look at him, and she won’t stop looking until he comes over and gives her kisses and makes her giggle. She talks loudly and exuberantly to him. She loves being kissed on the face, it makes her close her eyes in bliss and wriggle around. She has this beautiful “Hey, I know you!” smile that is just for us.


We love her so much. She is delighted in. Our precious little daughter.


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