Three months old

My big girl is three months old.


I can’t believe how fast these past three months have gone, and how wonderful they have been. She hasn’t grown is size as much this month as she had the last two months, but but her developmental growth has been huge. There is now no way she can be called a newborn. Her little personality has been pretty evident from the moment she was born, but it’s becoming more and more obvious. She knows what she wants, and isn’t hesitant in letting us know loudly, straight away, when she wants it. She’ll be smiling and cooing and being very cute, and then very suddenly she’s a bright red, screaming, angry bundle of baby. She’s also really stubborn. She went through a stage of favouring one breast over the other, and at the moment she won’t have a substantial feed unless it’s in the side lying position.  When we’re out, she’ll have little snacks, but will stubbornly wait until we get home to feed lying down on the couch. I imagine she won’t have any troubles telling us how she feels and what she wants when she’s older.


She has an impressive growl, which she uses when her milk comes too fast, and when she wants to get out of the car seat. It is so funny. She’s getting better at being in the car seat. It’s a lot easier now that she’s able to be entertained by toys. But she does get really excited when she realises she’s about to be taken out of her car seat. She kicks her legs about, and tries to sit up. She used to always fall asleep in the car, but now she often doesn’t. If she’s tired enough, she will, but otherwise it’s anyone’s guess whether she will sit happily or get her growl on.

Everyday there is something new she can do. She’s discovering her hands, and has started swiping at things. Sometimes she can grab things and hold on to them. She’s also learning about her feet, though she’s still at the stage where she’s just staring at them like “What on earth?…” She pulls her head up when lying on her back, so we don’t think she’ll be too far off rolling onto her tummy, and even sitting up. We think she might be left-handed, because she will always swipe or grab with that hand first, and if she only has one hand in her mouth, it’s her left.

DSCF0221 (2)

She still doesn’t like to nap. She has pretty predictably picked up a morning nap, but it’s hard to know how long she’ll nap for. She had been doing massive 8 or 9 hour stretches of sleep as night time, usually from 8:30pm until 4am or 5am. But now she has started to teethe (already!), so those awesome sleeps are over for now. She still goes to sleep at about 8:30pm, but will wake up 2 -4 hours later, and then wake again every 2 hours or so until morning. We’re coping by co-sleeping, and looking forward to when she feels better.


Her excited face is the cutest thing in the world. She opens her mouth really wide and scrunches up her little nose (as in the picture above). She loves ‘This is the way the lady goes…‘ and “flying” (lying on her tummy on my calves, and holding onto my hands). She still loves music, in fact she cries when it’s over at church. And when she is sung to, she almost seems to try to sing along. She loves having her nappy off, and every morning she has a big free kick around before getting dressed for the day. If she’s getting grizzly, it’s often enough just to take her nappy off and let her have a kick, to keep her happy. She also loves to be on her tummy, and waves her legs around like crazy. The Plunket nurse said she won’t be surprised if Madelyn is nearly crawling at our next visit (5 months), because at our 3 month visit she took awhile to get her on her tummy, because Madelyn kept trying to “crawl” whenever she made contact with the mat, and her legs would get in the way. Update: As of 30th May, we have giggles!


It’s hard to believe how big she is getting. She brings such joy to our lives. We are so happy to have her, and so thankful that she came when she did. We can’t wait to see her grow even more, and are excited to find out what is in store for the future with our Little Thing.


3 thoughts on “Three months old

  1. One thing I have learnt teaching wriggle and rhyme at work is that moving things in their vision helps with eye tracking (like blowing bubbles/bubble machine or peekaboo!). That helps with reading and writing when they grow up. I suspect she will be a reader like her Mum :).

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