What’s for Dinner? Roast Chicken with vegetables

My husband doesn’t let my blog stand in the way of good hospitality. He decided he wanted to invite a certain family over for dinner, and Thursday was the night that worked best for everyone. And he knew what he wanted to cook for them, despite it not being an option that could have been voted on last week.

So, what was for dinner last Thursday?

Roast chicken, potatoes, kumara (sweet potatoes), carrots, onions, and gravy


Roast chicken is one of those meals that is hailed as something really special, but is insanely easy to make. It really is as simple as just putting it in the oven and waiting for it to cook, especially if you buy a ready-to-roast chicken (these come cleaned out and in roasting bags, so you just need to take off the outer bag, and put it in the oven for the amount of time the instructions say to). We roast the vegetables right along with the chicken, so it’s all ready at the same time. Making gravy is also insanely easy. You just pour all the juices from the roasting dish into a pan, add chicken stock and cornflower, and heat it up.

Perhaps the best part is frying up the vegetables for breakfast the next morning.

Easy to make, and relatively cheap when cooking for a lot of people, this is definitely a winner for dinner.


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