What’s for Dinner?: American Hot Dogs and Chicken Soup

This week’s dinner is a true representation of how dinner happens at our house. I had fully intended on making steak sandwiches, as it was this meal that got the most votes last week. But then I forgot to get the steak out in the morning. This happens more often than not. I could pretend that we had something else. Even tonight, Angus has made us bacon and egg sandwiches, I could have taken a photo of that, and pretended it was Thursday, and no one would have been any the wiser. But why admit that I’m not particularly domesticated, and then go out of my way to hide that? I’m probably going to fail a few more Thursdays before I get into the habit of cooking a full meal every night.

What was for dinner on Thursday night?

American Hot Dogs and Chicken and Vegetable Soup

An odd combination, I know. To be fair, we didn’t eat it all at the same time.

hot dog toppings and preparation are unlimited

When Angus arrived home from work, and I realised that I hadn’t thought about dinner all day, he looked around for what we could eat. He is very good at throwing together a meal no matter what food is or isn’t available (I’m not so great at that). He discovered that we had the stuff to make American hot dogs, so that was what we had first.

I didn’t take any photos, because the occasion didn’t really call for it. Hopefully next week.

The photo above comes from the Food Network website, where you can find a whole bunch of recipes for a variety of hot dogs. We just had plain ones, with cheese, mustard and tomato sauce (ketchup). These literally take 2 minutes to make – just heat the frankfurter in the microwave for a minute or so, and then add the long roll if needed (we freeze ours, because we don’t finish the bag fast enough) for another 30 seconds. Then cut a line to open the roll, and add grated cheese. Put the frankfurter on top of the cheese, and then put it all back in the microwave for 20 – 30 seconds to melt the cheese. Squirt the mustard and tomato sauce on top, and you’re done.

I’d made chicken and vegetable soup in the slow cooker the day before, so there was still that. So, later in the evening, when we were still hungry because the American hot dogs hadn’t quite filled us up, we had soup. The soup, by the way, was brilliant. It isn’t quite cold enough for soup to be really satisfying yet, but it’s still great because it’s a proper meal that I can grab without having to take the time to cook, which means I usually get to enjoy it before the baby needs me again.

Hearty chicken and vegetable soup

I’ll share my own recipe at some stage, but here is a great one (and it’s also where the above photo is from)

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that this combination is a winner for dinner, but separately, they are totally legitimate quick meals.


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