What’s for Dinner?: Honey Mustard Chicken Pasta Salad

I am far from competent when it comes to cooking dinner every night. I often forget about it until it’s too late, so end up getting McDonald’s or just having a sandwich. But then it occurred to me, very suddenly, this weekend, that in only a few months time, our impressionable little daughter is going to be joining us for dinner, and starting to develop ideas about what is good to eat and whether or not it’s enjoyable. So I need to get my A into G and start making dinner regularly, so that Madelyn grows up in a home that celebrates good food and good company at the table every night.

To inspire myself, I’ve decided to start a new weekly feature entitled ‘What’s for Dinner?’ In this, I will be sharing what we eat for dinner every Thursday. Kind of advice on domesticity from an undomesticated goddess, every meal I share will be quick to make, with easily-found ingredients and not requiring anything more than a rather limited budget. What’s more, they will be meals that are able to be prepared in the morning while the baby is napping, or at least happily playing by herself.

Now, I know I said Thursday, and it’s Saturday, but I decided to do this on Thursday, but then that was the night we also decided to start trying to have a bit of a bedtime routine, and our house was a pig sty so I was stressing out a bit, and I just never got around to it.

But I did get around to making dinner. So, what was for dinner on Thursday night?

Honey Mustard Chicken Pasta Salad

Honey-mustard chicken pasta

I found this recipe at BBC Good Food a few years ago, and it’s been one we’ve loved and adapted over the years. Easy to take when working late, and just as great the next day, it has become one of our favourites. The original recipe can be found here (this is where I got the photo from), but we do change it up a bit.

  • Eleven week old babies and time for making homemade honey mustard don’t exactly go hand-in-hand, so we use store-bought honey mustard. I made the pasta salad up earlier in the day without adding the sauce, and then when it came time to eat it, we added the amount of honey mustard we wanted to our bowls individually.
  • We used carrots, capsicum and celery, rather than the vegetables listed in the recipe, because this was what we had in the fridge. Any fresh vegetables taste amazing in this pasta salad, so whatever is in season and in your fridge is good.
  • We’d had stuffed potatoes for dinner the night before, so my husband (who had requested then that I make pasta salad the next night), fried up some extra bits of bacon to put in the pasta salad. This was particularly yummy.
  • We didn’t have any pumpkin seeds this time, but I’ve often used them in this pasta salad, and they taste really good in it.
  • I’m a bit crazy about cheese, so we added cheese too. I love cheese.

We will make this meal again. And again. And again. We love it. It’s an easy fall back if I can’t think of what else to make, because we always have pasta, vegetables and honey mustard (or other appropriate sauce) in our kitchen.  Pasta salad is definitely a winner for dinner.


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