Two months old

This sweet, beautiful child has been a part of the world for two months now.


Madelyn is no longer on the tiny side of life. She is lovely and long and chubby. In fact, she has nearly doubled her birth weight. Last Friday, just shy of 8 weeks old, she started rolling over from her tummy onto her back! She did it for the first time when she was only about 6 weeks old, but then hadn’t done it since until last Friday. Now she’s rolling onto her back all over the place (except when I put her down to try to show someone).


One of our favourite games is to roll across the floor. She rolls onto her back, and then I help her roll onto her tummy, and then she rolls onto her back again, and so on. She also loves the Bicycle dance, which we do with the preschoolers at our studio, it goes:

We’re gonna ride, ride, ride our bicycles
Ride, ride, ride our bicycles,
Ride, ride, ride our bicycles,
Riding on our bikes.

Sometimes we go up a hill
Or down – weeeeeeeeee!
Sometimes we go ’round and ’round
And this is how the bell sounds (ting ting)

We’re gonna ride, ride, ride our bicycles
Ride, ride, ride our bicycles,
Ride, ride, ride our bicycles,
Riding on our bikes (ting ting).

Granted, I’ve had to change the moves to accommodate her not being able to walk or follow instructions, but she especially loves cycling her legs. She seems to love music more than anything else. We went to church with her Grandma and uncle and aunties, and on the way home she started to have a meltdown, so we decided to try singing old Sunday school songs. As long as we were all singing with gusto, she was happy. She sits under her musical play pen and bats at the creatures to make the song change. She loves it, and will sit there for ages happily batting away and squealing with delight.


We have a chatterbox on our hands. She coos like crazy, and loves when someone coos back to her. She has big conversations with her daddy every morning before we get up for the day. One morning a couple of weeks ago, she thought it was time to get up for the day at 4:30am. She was ready to party, and then Angus woke up and said something, and she was like “Oh, Dad! You’re here too? All of us together in the big bed! Time to play!” Then every time Angus fell asleep, she’d start to cry. Angus woke me up one morning, after we’d all been awake, and told me I’d fallen asleep but was still replying “Hmmm? Yeah! Oh!” every time she made a noise.  Another morning, he had to get up for work, so he rolled her over to face me, and she turned back around to talk to him again. After a few minutes, he really had to go, so he put her right against me so that she’d feed and forget about him, but she craned her neck right around to keep looking at him. She loves her daddy and the time he spends talking and playing with her.


She is a good little sleeper, especially during the night. Over the past week or so, she’s even done a few nights of 8 hour sleeps. She still doesn’t really like to sleep during the day, but I take heart in knowing that, at some stage, she will fall asleep. The funny thing is that when she finally does fall asleep, I miss her. Getting into bed at night, I often find myself wishing she would wake up so that I could cuddle and feed her again. I love being with her. She is a wonderful little baby and I can’t get enough of her. She starts out the night in her bassinet, but most of the time when she wakes up she’ll come into our bed and stay there until we get up for the day. Lately this has often been around 5:30am, but sometimes it’s much earlier. After a surprisingly quick feed, she usually goes back to sleep until about 6:30am. She likes being in our bed, and we like having her there.


She loves being upright, and often simply letting her “stand” (heavily supported) calms her down when she’s feeling grumpy. She wobbles all around the place and giggles, and we call this dancing. She’s getting really playful and a lot easier to entertain. She has little wrist rattles with bugs on them that are brilliant to put on her in the car. Our friend, Fliss, made her a butterfly that is tied to her car seat, which she also loves (I’ve seen her wake up in her car seat, be about to cry, and then see her butterfly and start smiling away at it). As long as we’ve got Butterfly and The Bugs, we’re good to go in the car. She loves going fast in the car, and loves the bumps, so when she’s having a big stress, we drive over every pothole we can find. We’ve been known to, if she’s only just fallen asleep when we get home, skip the driveway and drive down the back to do some 4-wheel-driving until she’s settled into a deep sleep.

DSCF0024 (2)

This week, I went back to the studio to teach a tap class. Next term I’m going to teach a couple of classes, while Madelyn hangs out with our friend Megan (who is also a teacher, and therefore can take over the class if Madelyn needs to be fed) in the waiting room. She did great during the tap class. She was sleeping when we arrived so we left her in the studio, and then she woke up half way through the class, so Megan took her out into the waiting room, where one of the mums grabbed her for a cuddle.  We also visited a couple of my old jazz classes, and the senior hip hop class. Madelyn was a bit freaked out by all the girls crowding around her, though she didn’t cry, just focused on one girl at a time and stared with huge, wide eyes. But she was transfixed by the hip hop. I was interested to see how calm she was the whole time, but I guess the activity and music must be familiar to her, considering I kept teaching until I was 30 weeks pregnant.


We went to the library this week too, and she was so relaxed in the front pack that I put the books in the car once I’d finished, and then kept walking. I ended up going on my first shopping trip for clothes for her. She got two little onesies, an all-in-one, some jeans, and the cutest little red coat. Apart from one little onesie, I got everything in the next size up, so that she’ll fit them for longer. She’s currently in 0 – 3 month clothing, but at the rate she’s growing, she’ll be in 3 – 6 month clothes before we know it. We also did our first big trip to the supermarket just us two. We’ve done quick trips, but so far I’d always had someone with me for the big shops. I had to feed her the entire time, which I’ve done before when Angus was with me. But doing it by myself was difficult to do, considering I also needed to put the groceries in the trolley (I have since figured out how to feed her in the front pack, which will come in handy next time). A beautiful woman offered to help me just as I was finishing, so she pushed my trolley to the counter, loaded my groceries onto the counter, and then pushed my trolley to the car! I couldn’t believe how kind she was.

2013-04-14 10.54.31

I’m so fortunate that all Madelyn needs to be happy is cuddles and milk. It makes life run a lot smoother. My favourite thing in the world is when she stretches after a nice, long sleep. She tucks her legs up under her and sticks out her bum, to stretch out her tummy. She reaches her arms as high as they will go (all the way to the top of her head), and rolls her head back. And that face. Oh, that face. She keeps her eyes closed, lifting her eyebrows and pursing those sweet little lips. I melt.


Our world is a better place with her in it. We love her so much, and are so thankful that she is ours. Her presence in our lives makes everything seem a whole lot brighter. She is adored and delighted in.

(This blog post was written on the 17th of April, but I only just got a chance to edit and publish it)


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