Today is my 27th day of being a mother.

In the last 27 days, my life has changed beyond recognition. I no longer am who I was before. My identity is set, firmly, in motherhood.

Motherhood is harder and more wonderful than I thought it would be. In these early days, motherhood is the giving of my body to nourish hers. To exist solely to meet someone else’s needs is overwhelming. The few seconds I get to myself in a day are more precious than gold.

But then I see the excitement in her eyes as  she realises she’s about to be fed. And she purses her lips and raises her eyebrows as she stretches after a nice, long feed. I kiss my floppy baby and hold her for a moment longer before putting her back down after her midnight snack. And her eyes smile as I sing to her during our morning cuddles. I see my husband holding his daughter, and I know she is an arrow in the hands of a warrior.

And I know that I am doing exactly what I was created to do. To nurture my baby daughter is to fulfill the plan God has for my life.



5 thoughts on “Motherhood

  1. This is beautiful! I feel the exact same way and my daughter is nearly 3 months now. We have overcome so many issues with breastfeeding, and it seems they justkeep coming at us. But, nothing good comes easy. Snuggle that little girl :)

    • Thanks so much ;) I’m sorry you’ve had so many issues with breastfeeding. We have too – I just keep reminding myself of how beneficial it is to her. You’re right that nothing good comes easy!

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