A letter to my 14-week-pregnant self

I’m sorting out my draft posts, and found this one from (evidently) my 14th week of pregnancy. It had no title, and only 6 sentences. Here is what I had to say:

Today I am 14 weeks pregnant. I wonder if there ever comes a point in pregnancy where you stop counting the weeks. I hope not. I hope it lasts long after pregnancy. I hope I will always wake up every Saturday with bubbles in my stomach, “I’ve made it another week!” Like Christmas.

Yes, 14-week-pregnant self, every Saturday morning is still like Christmas. So is every kick, every hiccup, every heartbeat, every kilogram gained, every stretch mark, every Braxton Hicks contraction. Every moment of pregnancy is a gift. You haven’t even started to experience the wonder of the perpetual Christmas morning. Don’t wish it away.


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