Top 12 Blog Posts of 2012

Remembering all that happened in 2012 is harder than it’s ever been to remember a year. Too much happened. Too much changed. I’m finding it hard to wrap my head around what a massive, awesome, unexpected year it was. While I attempt to do so, and to put it into some sort of order, I thought I would look back on my blog for the past year. These blog posts are the top according to WordPress and Facebook statistics, and have been some of my favourites.

12. This is love

One thing that always surprises me is just how much people seem to like to read about my husband and how wonderful he is. I wrote this blog post as a reminder to myself of all the ways Angus shows me he loves me, because they’re so easy to miss. His selfless love for me is expressed daily, in the littlest of things. This was one post that many people commented on in real life, and remains one that I love to read every now and again.

11. The Submission posts (Part 1 and Part 2)

Not having been raised in a Christian family, my views on marriage differ greatly to the views of most of my family, and many of my friends. Speaking openly about the way our marriage works, with regard to Biblical teaching, was not a decision that I made lightly. I don’t like to alienate people, and “Wives, submit to your husbands” can be a rather alienating command. The second post in which I spoke about submission was written straight away after I published the first one, because I was so worried that people would think that I was crazy, or worse, that Angus was abusive. I don’t think I even shared either of these links on Facebook. But I was pleasantly surprised at how accepting people were of my views. The number of people who come to my blog by searching about submission in marriage on Google is also rather interesting.

10. Wild infatuation (20 weeks and 4 days)

At my 20 week scan, I was fascinated by my baby’s tiny baby feet, and it seems many other people were too. Someone even came to my blog through Googling “baby feet at 20 weeks.” This blog post remains one of the most viewed. I know, everybody, they’re really cute feet.

9.  Could I have prevented Amanda Todd’s death?

The 15 year old who committed suicide, but left her mark on the world through a video in which she tells the story of her suffering, effected me more than I would have expected. Perhaps that is the mark of motherhood. But I found myself thinking of all the teenagers I know, and of all those who were teenagers when I was young. It is a shame that, too often, we learn our lessons after we need them.

8. Oh, hello third trimester


People seem to like the photos of my baby bump, which kind of makes me wish I’d done them every week. But, to be honest, I’ve taken bump photos as often as I’ve remembered, so there probably wouldn’t have been many more. This blog post was the first pregnancy update I’d done in a while, which I think accounts for its popularity. It was the one I received the most advice from, too, which was nice. I love when people read my blogs, and then mention them in real life. I like the idea that my thoughts shared here may be the start of a conversation.

7. On homosexuality, and how I feel about it as a Christian

This is one that I thought about for a while, before writing and publishing. I worried that I would offend people. Eventually my husband, who thrives on offending people in this way, convinced me that what I was thinking was worth saying. It’s still not one I shared on Facebook, so it surprised me to find how many people had viewed it. Many of those who follow my blog, and therefore read it, have talked to me about their views. Awesome conversations have been started from this, which is what I love.

6. 7 weeks and 1 day

One of several that I wrote before announcing my pregnancy and published later, this post was particularly popular. People seem to like the warm and the fuzzy, and this account of my husband’s secret excitement about the baby had plenty of both.

5. Girl drama, cliques and those who talk about you behind your back 

This is one that is commonly found in Google, which suggests that it’s a problem for many people.  I asked several people to read this post before publishing it. My thoughts here were relevant to quite a few situations both going on around me and in my own life, and I didn’t want this post to just be a continuation of the problem. But one thing I have learnt is that there will always be problems with gossip and drama, and so there will never be a perfect time to speak about it if you wish to avoid bringing it up in the midst of a situation.

4. What I now know about life… (Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4)

I wrote this series as a way to look back on the biggest lessons I learnt during my time working in full time ministry. My three years as discipleship coordinator at a Christian camp were three of the most amazing years of growth I have ever had. It was during this time that I became an adult. Written in January as I prepared to finish my work, these four posts still have some of the most views, and the most comments, out of all my blog posts in 2012.

3. My husband, the emergency medical technician

My announcement that my husband passed his interview to become an emergency medical technician was one of the most ‘liked’ on Facebook out of almost all of my blog posts this year. I really liked writing this blog, because he had worked so, so hard and so deserved his success.

2. The Bump (24 weeks and 1 day)

This was the first time a lot of people who hadn’t yet seen me pregnant got to “see” my baby bump, and it is my most viewed blog post of 2012. Despite that, it doesn’t quite beat out number 1 in terms of reaction and, to be honest, my enjoyment.

1. First comes love, then comes marriage…

My very favourite blog post to write in 2012, and the one which got the most reaction on WordPress, Facebook and real life combined, was the one in which I announced my pregnancy. I was kind of nervous to announce my pregnancy, to be honest. It had been a secret for so long, it felt kind of wrong to now be able to tell the world. I didn’t announce it to the world until I was almost 14 weeks, because I just didn’t feel ready. I’d kind of liked our baby being our little secret. But then, once I did announce it, I found that I loved everyone knowing. And I love going back and reading the announcements, and remembering what it felt like to first write it.


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