5 for Five: Week 9

It is time again for 5 for Five.


Last week, I felt slightly more on top of things than the week before, but I still managed to not get stuff done. Green indicates success, and red means I didn’t meet that goal.

1. Prepare a blogging schedule, and start planning some blog posts
Yay, got this one done! Now I need to actually stick to it.

2. Remember to do everything that needs to be done in my dance classes, so that everything is sorted for the show and the end of the year
This one was a major priority, so it’s really good that I managed to do it. It was nice to go into the show weekend and not feel absolutely frazzled and crazy.

3. Find some drawers for the baby’s room
I still need to do this, and as cheaply as possible

4. Start planning for the 8 – 10 year olds at church next year 
I did start. But finding volunteers is proving to be a little hard, just because I’m so shy that I keep avoiding asking people. I now know how many people I need to find, and for what weeks. I only need to find a couple of people, who can do a couple of weeks a term each, and I’ll be sorted.

5. Decide if, and what, I’m going to study next year, and enroll
It’s really hard to know, because I have no idea what it will be like to have a baby. Any advice?

Oh, and guess what else I did. Bought thank you cards for my family baby shower. That’s right. I’m so excited about that accomplishment!

And now, for this week’s goals. Which hopefully will be much easier because, having finished work and Bible-in-Schools, I have absolutely nothing else to do.

1. Write my birth plan
Okay, I know things don’t go to plan when giving birth. But my midwife likes women to do this so that she knows what is important to them. All going well, I’ll be having my baby at a birthing centre, with limited drug options, and I know that they share my philosophy, so I’m not too concerned about my voice being heard there. But I’m a little worried about what will happen if I need to transfer to the hospital. So my birth plan will probably be largely about what I want in the case of a transfer.

2. Clean out my car
Now that I’m finished everything for the year, I need to clean my car out once and for all. Nothing needs to be in there anymore. I have a giant purple cake (fake) in my boot, which was used as a prop for the show, and that’s the first thing that needs to find a new home, because it’s massive.

3. Clean out the bathroom
When we moved into this house, we just dumped the bathroom boxes in the bathroom and forgot about them. Since then, the bathroom has become filled with junk. Now would be a good time to sort all that out.

4. Write thank you cards for the gifts I’ve received for Baby
Now that I have the cards, it shouldn’t be too hard to write them. Right?

5. Go Christmas shopping
Even if I don’t get everything, I need to at least start. Specifically, I need to get presents for the cousins that won’t be coming up for Christmas, because I’ll need to send those.


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