5 for Five: Week 8

It is time to link up again with Jessica and Jenn for 5 for Five



First of all, last week’s goals:

1. Get cards to write ‘thank you’s for my Auckland baby shower
I don’t really have an excuse for why not, I just completely forgot about it every time I went into town.

2. Start going through the box of baby stuff my sister has given and lent me 
It was awesome. There was so much really, really nice stuff in there. I am so excited. With everything we’ve been given overall, I’m not sure that we’ll actually need to buy all that much.

3. Email the last five people who have Facebook messaged me lately
I managed to do three. I think I just got lazy. If you’re one of the last three, I’m sorry, I will get to you this week. If you’re thinking of sending me a message on Facebook, probably don’t. Email is good.

4. Start thinking about Christmas presents
I actually just forgot I’d put this on the list. Oops!

5. Enjoy my second-to-last week of teaching before the baby comes
This was an easy one, because my students are all so wonderful. It’s so odd to think that I won’t be teaching most of them next year.

And now, for this week’s goals:

1. Prepare a blogging schedule, and start planning some blog posts
Now that I’m about to finish work, I will in theory have a little bit more time to focus on blogging. I used to have a schedule, but that fell by the wayside when I got pregnant (and therefore sick and tired). I’m hoping to get back into it more, and establish a pattern before Baby is born (when it will probably all go crazy again…sorry…)

2. Remember to do everything that needs to be done in my dance classes, so that everything is sorted for the show and the end of the year
I have quite a bit of stuff I need to give out, and parents I need to talk to this week before the show this weekend. It would be really, really great if I didn’t have to say to my boss “I’m so sorry, I forgot to [insert job in here]!”

3. Find some drawers for the baby’s room
I’d really like to start putting away the baby’s clothes and what not, but can’t really until I have some where to put it all

4. Start planning for the 8 – 10 year olds at church next year 
I’ve just been asked to take over this age group, and to be honest, I’m wondering if I’m crazy for saying yes when I’ll have a baby. But I’m really passionate about this age group. The first thing I need to do, and would like to do this week, is figure out how many volunteers I’ll need to take the kids so that I get to be in church some times, too, and find those volunteers.

5. Decide if, and what, I’m going to study next year, and enroll
I only have to do two more papers to finish my degree. One of those papers is first-year level, because I transferred to a different university so the credits are a little out of order. I’m trying to decide if I should do that one in the first semester, and then the third-year level one in the second semester. Or if I I should do a double semester first year or third year paper. Or two double semester papers. If I don’t decide and enroll now, I’ll never get around to it.

I’m requiring a lot of organisation of myself this week. It will be interesting to see how I do.

Check out tomorrow’s post for some exciting news for our little family that is up there with “I’m having a baby”!


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