Oh, hello third trimester

Suddenly, out of no where, I am heavily pregnant. I’m doing things like talking to my midwife about birth plans, scanning my body for stretch marks, and waddling.


This photo was taken the day I entered the third trimester, at my family baby shower. My brother-in-law’s wonderful girlfriend made the bunting, and of course we just had to take a photo with it wrapped around me like I’d won a pageant.

I am now 29 weeks and 1 day pregnant. It is crazy how close I am to holding my little baby in my arms. I still feel good most of the time, just very, very tired. I’ve been having pains in my SI joints that have, at times, stopped me from being able to walk, and my ligaments are stretching again, which also hurts. The good news is, I don’t tend to get these pains at the same time, so either my hips and back hurt, or my tummy hurts, but not both.

I have stretch marks. I was one of the lucky ones who avoided these during puberty, so it’s a new fascination for me. They’re really low on my tummy, so I wouldn’t have even seen them if my husband hadn’t pointed them out. I’m trying not to worry. I’m reading lots of quotes about being a tiger earning her stripes instead.

Apart from maternity jeans and shorts, and a new bikini, I am still wearing the same clothes size I was before I got pregnant. I just, obviously, can’t wear high-waisted skirts and dresses, and if its tight, it has to be stretchy. This is good, because it saves us money (I have just had to buy a couple of things though, of course).

It is too hot to function most days. And the forecast is for a long, hot summer. I’ve been making plans to spend most of my time in the water.

My baby is very low down, and measuring a little big again. My midwife measured my uterus, and beforehand she said “At 28 weeks, it should be 28cm, but because your bump is small, I’d imagine it’s only 26cm or 27cm, and that’s perfectly fine.” Then she measured it, and it was 29cm! She was also suprised to feel how low down he or she was, and said his or her head is already in my pelvis. She said that would be why I’m bigger then I look. Please keep your head in my pelvis, Baby, and tuck it the right way, so that you come out safely when it’s time.

I am loving feeling my baby move. The placenta is in the front, so his or her movements are hidden from me a little bit. Especially now that Baby is getting bigger, and the somersaults are less frequent. Now I often have to sit still and concentrate if I want to feel him or her move, and when I do it’s like a little gift. This morning, an elbow or a knee or a foot stuck right out my side for a minute or so, which was so special because it was like my baby was popping out to say hello.

I am not loving the hormones which make me feel vulnerable and isolated at times. I went to a thanksgiving dinner the other night, which was so much fun, but I couldn’t enjoy it once everyone started having cushion fights, because I was worried they were going to kill my baby. I tried to explain to Angus how I felt, and I told him a was like a lioness with her cubs, and he laughed (this was a good-natured conversation, don’t worry). So I said “Okay, maybe I’m too puddy to be a lion. I’m like a mama cow” and now he’s been calling my his poor little cow. As funny as that conversation was, I do feel vulnerable and protective a lot of the time. I also feel isolated, because I’m home alone a lot and everyone else is busy. Yesterday, I started to feel like this, and decided that instead of wallowing in it, I was going to go out and do something. I went for a walk and found a friend of mine sitting outside her house in the sun, so I went over and joined her, and ended up spending over two hours talking to her and another friend who came by too. It was one of the nicest afternoons I’ve had in a long time. The only downside was that I hadn’t anticipated spending so much time in the sun, and now my legs are burnt.

I had the glucose test the other day. It’s not as bad as everyone said it would be. It tasted like really, really sweet lemonade. I was feeling like something sweet at the time anyway, so that might have helped. My only suggestion to anyone about to do the test would be to take a book. I didn’t even think of taking one. They had magazines there, which was great, but meant that I kept watching the clock, whereas I would have been absorbed in my book if I’d had one and not noticed the time. I haven’t heard the results yet, and I did the test on Wednesday, so I’m assuming I would have gotten a call already if they were really concerning.

In roughly 2 and a half months, I’ll be giving birth. Being the gatherer of information that I am, I’ve been doing a lot of reading and watching videos. No, I have not been watching One Born Every Minute. I’m not crazy. I’ve been watching videos that show birth as natural and healthy. I am surprisingly relaxed about the whole idea. I could easily freak out, but I’ve chosen instead to remind myself that I’m perfectly capable, that no one ever died from pain, and that there will be an end to it.


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