5 for Five: Week 7

I can’t believe it’s Week 7 of 5 for Five!


First, last week.

Last week went far, far too fast. I barely even remember it.

1. Cook dinner at least two nights this week
On Tuesday, I cooked sausages, fried potatoes and mixed (frozen) vegetables. My husband wasn’t even home all evening (which I knew about, he’d told me in the afternoon before I left for work), so I didn’t get the satisfaction of having provided him with a meal, which is why I really do it. On Thursday, I made lasagne. I actually felt really bad, because my husband doesn’t like sloppy lasagne, and my lasagne has a habit of being quite sloppy. I tried really hard not to make it sloppy, but it turned out to be the most ridiculously sloppy lasagne I’ve ever seen. He ate it anyway, and told me it tasted really good. He’s so wonderful like that. On Monday night, my husband actually made dinner for me (steak, baked potato, mixed vegetables) because he was home on a Monday night for once.

2. Do at least half an hour of housework every day
On Monday, I made our bed (it actually took me almost two hours, because I kept lying down, haha). On Tuesday, I cleaned the bathroom and folded and put away the clean washing, so I felt like Super Woman. On Wednesday, I cleaned the kitchen. On Thursday, I made lasagne (I’m going to cheat a little and count that, because it takes so long). On Friday I went up to Auckland for my family baby shower, so I didn’t have time to do half an hour, but I did make sure the kitchen was clean and tidy again before I left. Success!

3. Email everyone who has sent me Facebook messages lately
I have 5 left (out of 17). Can anyone work out the percentage of that achievement for me?

4. Take another bump photo, this time showing what I look like from the front too
But my mother-in-law did take several on Saturday, the first day of the third trimester. We took a couple of the most cheesy typical blog photos ever, too. So stay tuned for those.

5. Get cards to write ‘thank you’s for my Auckland baby shower this weekend
I kind of knew I wouldn’t get around to this, but I put it up in the hopes of inspiring myself. Hopefully this week.

Two and a fraction.

On to this week…

1. Get cards to write ‘thank you’s for my Auckland baby shower
My baby shower was awesome, by the way. Exactly what I wanted, thanks to my sister-in-law, and my hopefully-future-sister-in-law. I can’t wait to share the photos with you.

2. Start going through the box of baby stuff my sister has given and lent me 
I wish you could see the amount of stuff in it. It’s a bit nuts. I’m very, very thankful, and very much looking forward to actually getting to look at it all.

3. Email the last five people who have Facebook messaged me lately
I’m optimistic about my ability to achieve this one.

4. Start thinking about Christmas presents
For the last few Christmases, I’ve done all my shopping on Christmas Eve. I actually enjoy doing it this way, because the weeks surround Christmas are crazy, and this is my one day to myself. I just potter around the shops, buying a few things for myself from my husband on the way. But I just can’t see myself enjoying doing so much walking and being so surrounded by activity this year, considering going to the supermarket is already a little bit yuck. So I want to do our Christmas shopping earlier this year, and I want to have a plan.

5. Enjoy my second-to-last week of teaching before the baby comes
This is a bitter-sweet thing for me. I’m excited about having a baby, but it means that I won’t be teaching anywhere near as much next year. I’ve been teaching a lot of my students for two years now, and for most of them this will be my last two weeks with them. I want to enjoy it, and savor every moment.

No housework-related goals this week. I’ve decided to make those into long-term goals, which means I’ll try to achieve them without the accountability…They may be back next week.


2 thoughts on “5 for Five: Week 7

  1. Thanks for linking up with us again! I’m so glad that you did :) I’m excited about your new arrival coming soon- I can’t wait to see pictures of your sweet baby! Can’t wait to see pictures of the shower!

    Hope you’re having a great week :)

  2. Thanks for linking up with us! Reading about it taking you so long to make the bed made me laugh, because I do stuff like that all the time too! And I’m not even pregnant, I just love naps. Speaking of pregnant, though… I hope you got lots of great stuff in that baby box!

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