5 for Five: Week 6

And it’s time to be late to write down my list of goals for this week! You should visit Jessica and Jenn and link up too.


First, last weeks’ goals (achieved in green, not achieved in red)

1. Cook dinner at least three nights this week.
I had a really good excuse for why I didn’t do this, but I can’t remember it. That might actually be my excuse – Baby Brain.

2. Get all of my dances finished and looking good before the dress rehearsal this weekend.
It was a good thing I did get this one done, considering it’s my job. I was actually quite pleased with how good my classes looked at the dress rehearsal. They did well, and I was very proud of them.

3. Do at least half an hour a day of housework 
I kept falling asleep on the couch instead…

4. Buy new prizes for my Bible-in-Schools kids
They actually went a little bit crazy with excitement. It was pretty cute.

5. Write at least one other blog post apart from this one. 

The good news is, there’s a pattern (red, green, red, green, red). So the week wasn’t entirely wasted ;)

This week’s goals (which I wrote down on Monday, just haven’t posted yet):

1. Cook dinner at least two nights this week
Because it’s Wednesday, I cheated a little bit because I know that I’m half-way there. I can’t cook dinner tonight, because we’re going out for dinner (darn, what a tough life).

2. Do at least half an hour of housework every day
Maybe I should just make it a long term goal to do this consistently?

3. Email everyone who has sent me Facebook messages lately
Facebook is being silly for me. It won’t let me do anything. I’m lucky if I can read this messages I get, and being able to reply is like gold. So I have 17 messages sitting waiting for me to reply to, and I don’t want to wait any longer for Facebook to start working for me. So I will just email them.

4. Take another bump photo, this time showing what I look like from the front too
Because I know I’ll regret it if I don’t chronicle my pregnancy more. And because what I look like from the front always makes me laugh.

5. Get cards to write thank yous for my Auckland baby shower this weekend
And then next week my goal will be to actually write the thank yous (and for those wondering about my baby shower, my sister-in-law and my hopefully-future-sister-in-law are throwing me one in Auckland, and then I’m being thrown one here closer to the time I’m due).


5 thoughts on “5 for Five: Week 6

  1. I really admire your goal to “do at least half an hour of housework a day”.

    Half an hour a day of housework for me would be five minutes of psyching myself up to actually get up and go into the kitchen, five minutes of looking around at the mess and trying to make sense of it, seven minutes of stacking dishes in the sink, ten minutes of washing as many dishes that will fit on the drying rack, and three minutes of looking at the dishes on the rack and convincing myself that drying them is pointless and even though approximately half remain unwashed in the sink, that the job is done and I can go and have a little glass of wine.

    I wonder if you’re more productive than me?

  2. LOVE that it was a success bc it was a pattern! I think the same way ;) hope you were successful this wk! Can’t wait to read about it! :)

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