5 for Five: Week 5

I accidentally skipped Week 4. I had exams all week, and I just got so busy that it was already Friday by the time  I realised I hadn’t done it. Oops.

But I am back, and so are my five weekly goals.


First, how I did in Week 3 (goals I achieved are in green, goals I didn’t are in red):

1. Cook dinner at least one night this week
I made enchiladas before going to work on the Wednesday. I made heaps, because there was more mince than I thought. And what’s better, a friend of Angus’s was over (not for dinner), so I looked like an especially awesome wife when I said “Help yourselves to dinner, there’s plenty there” while running out the door.

2. Spend at least half an hour a day on house work
It didn’t help that I went away on the Thursday, and that I was studying. There were days where I just never got around to it.

3. Actually fold and put away all of the clean washing 
I didn’t get it done. And I was right, my husband did decide to clean all of the dirty washing in the laundry. So now my pile is massive. Ugh.

4. Clean out the inside of my car
It helped that we took my car away (to Sistas, a women’s conference, which was awesome), so I needed to clean it out so that we could all fit in it. I was determined to keep all my junk out of it from now on. That lasted until yesterday.

5. Start studying for my exams
Only just, haha.

Three out of five. Not quite five out of five, but at least I managed to achieve some.

Here are my goals for this week:

1. Cook dinner at least three nights this week.
This time, it is totally achievable. I hope.

2. Get all of my dances finished and looking good before the dress rehearsal this weekend.
That means I’m going to have to start getting grumpy at some of my dancers, but it really needs to get done.

3. Do at least half an hour a day of housework 
This keeps being a goal of mine because it’s something I promised my husband I’d do. I really need to do it.

4. Buy new prizes for my Bible-in-Schools kids
The situation is getting pretty desperate. I have four little prizes left in my prize bag. Not exactly a great motivator to get to dig into this massive bag to choose one of four prizes.

5. Write at least one other blog post apart from this one. 
Preferably with another bump photo, because it’s grown heaps again over the past couple of days.

I hope I can achieve all of these things, because I’m not doing much else now that I’ve finished for the semester. Achieving all 5 goals will simply mean I’ve had a productive week with minimal laziness haha.


2 thoughts on “5 for Five: Week 5

  1. 3 out of 5 isn’t bad at all! Better than nothing- that is FOR SURE! I’m excited your back with us again this week :) You have some great goals again for this week and I know that you can do them! Buying prizes for Bible class sounds like fun as does writing a blog post- always good to have some fun goals mixed in with the challenging ones!!

    Thanks for linking up!

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