The Bump (24 weeks and 1 day)

I have to say, it is rather awkward posing for a bump photo. I’m a bit awkward about posing for photos as it is, so posing for one that was specifically to show off my body was more than a little bit weird. But I have friends and family who will never know what I looked like during my first pregnancy if I don’t start taking photos, so here it is:

I must admit, I’m feeling a bit cute with my pregnant belly. A few months before I got pregnant, I went through this stage of feeling really down about myself and the way I looked. It’s incredible how much being pregnant has changed things. I love my new body. I love looking in the mirror at my round tummy. I love discovering all the little changes that happen each day. I even love the small splattering of varicose veins on my thighs because they are just so distinctly because I’m pregnant.

I’ve been wearing maternity jeans since I was 13 weeks pregnant, because I couldn’t stand the feeling of having anything tight on my tummy. Other than that, I’m still able to wear most of my old clothes. I’m looking forward to a chance to go shopping next weekend, because I’d like to get some denim maternity shorts, a new bikini (that teeny, tiny triangle bikini just isn’t going to cover what it needs to this summer), and a few tops. I sleep in a singlet/tank top, and I’ve been waking up every morning with my puku hanging out, so I might look for a few crop tops to wear to bed, to avoid looking like a 50 year old man who has had a few too many beers in his life time.

We took almost a million photos (not really) around our lounge, trying to find the right lighting (and we don’t have a place in our lounge that is just wall, because I have too many bookcases), so here is a slightly blurry photo where my bump looks really cool:


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