Isn’t housework fun?

I discovered something about myself today. I discovered that I am so adverse to putting away clean washing that I will  go to any length to avoid it.

I was so proud of myself for folding and putting away all the clean washing this morning. My husband came home, and I said “Look what I’ve done!” to which he replied “Put away half the washing…” and pointed to the basket, which was half-full with folded clothes and mismatched socks. Trying to justify myself, I said “No, that’s just socks, and the washing I found behind the cot.”

Which means that not only did I call the job finished today when it wasn’t, but at some time in the recent past, I went so far to avoid putting away the washing after folding it that I actually hid it.

They’re just excited because if the washing is on the line, they don’t have to put it away just yet.


2 thoughts on “Isn’t housework fun?

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