5 for Five: Week 2

Maybe next week, one of my goals should be to actually do this on a Monday. My kitty had a sore eye, so I spent all of yesterday (and in fact, the whole weekend) worrying about her and completely forgot to write out my goals. So, only a day late this time, here they are:


1. Cook dinner at least three nights this week
Oh yes, I’m pulling out the big guns here. A whole three nights. It would be really cool to work up to cooking dinner every night of the week.

2. Finish my assignment before it’s due (Friday afternoon)
It’s my last assignment of the year, wouldn’t it be spectacular if it was the first one to be submitted in plenty of time?

3. Apart from studying, spend less than an hour a day on the internet
I’d really like to accomplish this one, and not by default this time.

4. Write at least one blog post other than this one 
I have a midwife appointment tomorrow, so maybe about that?

5. Finally take a photo of my bump
It actually exists now, so I should get around to documenting it.

Okay, here goes. Hopefully soon my goals will start being more then essentially “Don’t be lazy” soon!


6 thoughts on “5 for Five: Week 2

  1. Great goals for this week! Writing blog posts is on my list this week :) And YES, get a picture of that bump so you can so us all!!

    Thanks for linking up!

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