Wild infatuation (20 weeks and 4 days)

My baby has feet!

Tiny little baby feet with baby toes, which he or she uses to kick Mummy with all day and all night.

I could stare at those little baby feet all day.

At the ultrasound today, Baby did not stop moving. The lady had to try several times almost every time to get the pictures she needed, because he or she just kept wriggling around. My little monkey. The best part was when he or she stopped to have a drink, which we got to see. It was so cute, his or her little mouth was moving up and down. My husband was particularly fascinated by the way the little stomach then filled with black, which was the liquid. It’s actually quite cool that you can see that.

I am now half-way pregnant. What a crazy feeling. In just a few short months, those tiny little baby feet will be tangible feet which I can hold in my hands. I am simultaneously excited and terrified.

I am wildly, unashamedly, unreservedly in love with my baby.  Everything about it, everything it does, is the most precious in all the world. No baby has ever been as wonderful. No baby has ever moved so well. No baby has ever had feet.

My husband finally felt his baby move. He is not patient like me, he will not lie still for hours waiting. But late at night, when baby always gets up for a somersault, I held his hand to my stomach and silently pleaded “Please, Baby, move for Daddy.” After one or two little flutters, the baby suddenly pulled the biggest stunt it ever has in it’s entire life. I have never felt it move so big. My husband couldn’t hide the awe in his voice. I know, Daddy. It’s a real baby in there.


2 thoughts on “Wild infatuation (20 weeks and 4 days)

  1. What adorable little baby feet! My little one also likes to move and twist for the camera. I already know she’s going to be an active baby. Congrats on making it to the halfway point!

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