Frequently Asked Question #1: Are you making Angus sell his boat/motorbike/truck?

There are a few questions that almost everyone will ask me when talking about my pregnancy, so I thought it would be fun to answer them here. So, first up:

“Are you making Angus sell his boat/motorbike/truck?”

The answer is simply, no.

First of all, I don’t make Angus do anything. I am not his mother. He is an adult who is fully capable of making his own decisions. If I didn’t trust him to make those decisions wisely, I wouldn’t have married him.

Regarding his truck, he’s actually already sold it. It was a bit of a surprise for me. I was at a women’s conference run by my church, when he called my friend and asked to talk to me (he’d called me and I hadn’t answered, which he knew meant I didn’t have my phone on me). He said, and this is an exact quote, “Isaac’s just called (Isaac is his little brother), he’s sold his ute, so he’s coming down tonight and leaving probably in the morning. Is that okay with you?” That sentence meant as much to me as it does to you (okay, maybe a little more, considering I appreciated him asking if I minded Isaac staying the night). I really did not understand. Apparently Isaac was going to be buying Angus’s truck. I knew he wanted to buy it, but I didn’t know Angus wanted to sell it. But alas, bye bye truck.

He’s also actually already bought a new one. This one is pretty cool, more of a 4-wheel-driving specific truck. It came with a snorkel, a winch, and another set of tires. My man is loving spending his evenings in the workshop tinkering with it. I’m glad he bought a new one because, um, well, otherwise he wouldn’t have had a vehicle.

Regarding the motorbike, he’s told me that he wants to sell that and my car, and get me a newer car. I was a bit worried, because I don’t want him to feel like he has to sell his motorbike if he doesn’t want to, but he’d been talking about doing so for a while before I even got pregnant. Which may mean that he won’t, because he hasn’t yet. Or it may mean that will, and will be happy about it. He doesn’t do anything he doesn’t want to do. I’m happy either way. It’s not really a big deal. It might be nice, if our kid was into motocross, for them to do it together, but then he can always buy a new bike in a few years.

Regarding our boat: Why on earth would we sell our boat? We might have a bit more money for a few weeks, but then, um, we wouldn’t have a boat. We have a kid on the way, we’re probably never going to be able to afford a boat again. At the moment, our summers look like this:

And the only thing we really want to change about that over the years is that there are more and more children in the photos.


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