The closest I will ever come to magic (17 weeks and 6 days)

Wow, so writing a blog post every Saturday went well…

Sorry about it being so long between blog posts. I have such bad Baby Brain that I fear I may actually be going crazy. Thank you so much to those of you in my real life who have told me, several times over the past two weeks,that you were enjoying my blog. It’s been a good reminder that I haven’t updated you all since finishing posting my pre-announcement blog posts. Please keep reminding me :)

Tomorrow I will be 18 weeks pregnant. I really wish I had photos to show you, but I don’t just get. I’m still not quite looking pregnant yet. Just recently I’ve gotten to that “Is she pregnant, or just a bit pudgy around the middle?” stage. This morning I woke up delighted to find that the fat roll that had appeared over the past two months is now firm. Yep, I’d say that’s an official baby bump!

Various sources tell me that my baby has started to develop body fat, and while he or she was previously translucent, Baby is now starting to look more substantial. Baby’s bones are now also beginning the ossifying process, which as a dance teacher fascinates me, because I usually spend my time thinking about the other side of ossification. I have felt my little baby move a few times. I think. It just feels like the tiniest of flutters. Like, maybe, an insect inside my belly? It is the most wonderful feeling. I love that it is such a tiny impact, it feels like Baby moved maybe his or her arm a bit, yet probably Baby is flipping around like crazy and is still just too little for me to feel.

It amazes me the amount of love and affection I feel towards this baby, who I haven’t even met yet. I feel like I know him or her already. My days are filled with thoughts of my little baby.

I also find myself in awe of the miracle that is happening in my womb. A child who did not exist 18 weeks ago, is now being knit together in my womb, and will soon walk on this earth. It is too amazing for me to understand.


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