The first year was like icing

To celebrate our first anniversary, we enjoyed life.

On Saturday, the day before our anniversary, we were meant to clean our house. We didn’t.

On Sunday (our anniversary), it was raining. He gave me a piece of 1930s French costume jewellery, a jade and pearl necklace from an antique store in Cambridge. We went out to brunch at this place (The Plantation, in Matamata):


We sat upstairs, with no one else, and he finished my food while I pretended we were rich people in our home a hundred years ago. We got McDonalds for lunch, and made pizza for dinner, and then I got all dressed down and helped him paint his ute.

On Monday, I went to high tea with the other dance teachers, and he spent all day in the workshop.

On Tuesday, we went to Rotorua and went on the luge. He went slow with me the first time down, while I went as fast as I could handle. Then he found people to race down the next two times. I got so scared on the chairlift, that I almost threw up. We went to Wild Rice, which is possibly the best Thai restaurant ever, for dinner.

On Wednesday, we went to Papamoa for the night, at Pacific Park Christian Holiday Camp. We went to the beach, and then went to the movies. On the way home, on Thursday morning, we stopped for breakfast on the top of the Kaimais.

On Thursday, we finally got around to cleaning our house. I also went through my clothes, and got rid of three plastic bags worth, as well as a massive bag of shoes. I couldn’t believe I was doing it, but I actually asked Angus to go through my shoes for me. I only took back two pairs. It actually feels really good. We then went to stay with his grandparents for two nights.

Christmas, I think, will always be a bit of a jolt out of the lovey-dovey week before it. Even when we can only fit in dinner for our anniversary, I hope that whole week still has that peaceful, romantic, honeymoon feel.

I made him a stocking for Christmas, because in theory last year was his last time to get one from his Mum. I love making stockings. I think this will be a tradition.

On Boxing Day, we went to the lake with his whole family, and I got really bad sun burn. So bad, in fact, that I lay under a cold towel when we got home.

And we didn’t take any photos.

I have loved this year. He’s so solid. He makes me feel so secure. I love being married to him, my strong, amazing man.


4 thoughts on “The first year was like icing

  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog; otherwise I never would have found you! I love what you say about your husband – I bet that means a lot to him. Be sure and say those same words twenty two years from now(that’s how long I’ve been married), and it will mean the world! God bless.

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