I have made my life of something particular, and real

Friday night was one of those nights, where life seems particularly purposeful and wonderful and enjoyable.

Several husbands from church (including mine) decided they wanted to go out to the Indian restaurant for dinner. One of our friends, Anneke, is single (she’s only 19), and she was adamantly against being the ninth wheel. There were several Bible college students at church that night, some of whom had only just recently arrived in New Zealand. So what could the husbands do but invite the six male, single Bible college students along? What followed was a wonderful evening of “The Bachelorette” complete with roses (though none were ever given out). The night didn’t want to end there, so we invited the guys back for a bonfire, complete with marshmallows. We spent time talking and laughing, and then each shared a bit about how we ended up either at Bible college or working at the ministry I/we work at.

It reminded me that life is so daily. It was a night that easily could have been missed if we weren’t paying enough attention. I don’t want to get so caught up in my plans for the future that I forget to slow down and roast some marshmallows.


Life is but a breath. Selah.


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