The wedding dress

I’m all wedding inspired, and so decided to share a bit about my wedding. I loved it so much, it was the most amazing day of my life. The one requirement my husband and I had for our wedding was that it be relaxed – the most important part for us was the marriage, and we just wanted the wedding to be a celebration of that. I joke that I’m lazy, but in actual fact I’m flighty, creative and emotional. My mind doesn’t stay in one place long enough to plan a gorgeously detailed wedding. I knew that if I stressed myself out trying to plan the perfect wedding, it would end up feeling stale and dry, and I wouldn’t enjoy it.

The most exciting part was the dress. The stuff of little girls’ dreams.

I didn’t want my dress to be strapless, boofy and A-framed. I wanted something different, something that reflected my style more then it reflected a wedding. I wanted it to be flowy and feminine.

I wanted it to be simple and elegant.

My husband said many times that he didn’t mind what type of dress I wore, but I knew that he wouldn’t want me in anything empire waisted. I have a little waist, and I knew he wanted me to show that off.

My sweet friend, Emma, made my dress for me. I’m still not entirely sure how that transpired, but I’m so thankful that it did. She is crazy talented, and worked so hard to make the perfect dress for me. I showed her several pictures of what I wanted, we went shopping for fabric, and she came up with this:

People still comment on how perfect it was for me. I remember putting it on and having to catch my breath. It is exactly what I wanted.

“Come dress yourself in love, let the journey begin.”
-Francesca da Rimini


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