Loving on Willow Smith

As a dance teacher, ever since Miley Cyrus has become *ahem* more adult, I’ve been struggling to find relevant music to use for my classes that is still appropriate. My girls (and one boy) used to rock it out to Hannah Montana almost every lesson, because they loved the music so much, and I loved that I could trust that Miley was a good role model with clean lyrics and appropriate clothing.

It’s been a journey. Clean music that isn’t babyish and has a strong enough beat is hard to come by. I’ve always used music from DCOMs (Disney Channel Original Movie), especially Camp Rock at the moment. I used a bit of Glee music, but then found that I wasn’t too impressed with what was happening on the show. I wondered whether it was okay to use ‘Firework’ when the rest of Katy Perry’s stuff is so disgusting. I wondered the same about Rihanna’s music, until ‘S&M’ came out, and now I won’t use any of it.

So you can imagine how happy I am to have found an young artist with the most awesome sense of style, clean lyrics, and a cute song that is catchy and just annoying enough to make it a kids’ song.

That’s right, Will Smith’s 10 year old daughter is my new fave. Most of all, I love that she is still so clearly a 10 year old girl. In the world of dance, where childen are pushed to act far beyond their years in order to win, this is an attribute I’m passionate about. I’m looking forward to using her music for years.  

I do find myself wondering though, if it would have been better for her to wait until she was older to start a singing career. I hope she”ll be okay.


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