Twenty two things I love about my fiance

I’m going to do this every year for his birthday. It’s not his birthday until March, but if I don’t do it right now, I’ll forget by the time March comes around. So, for now, 22 things I love about my fiance, who has been 22 for a while. Watch this space for when it says “23 things I love about my 23 year old husband” – my actual HUSBAND! Goodness me, I am giddy with excitement. 

1. That he asked me to marry him
2. He knows the answer for everything
3. He doesn’t care about what anyone else thinks of him
4. How secure I am in the knowledge that he will provide for me
5. The way it feels to dance with him
6. His inherent trust in the Lord
7. His relaxed, easy-going attitude and the way he always reminds me that it won’t matter in the end
8. His ideas
9. How generous he is with his time and resources
10. The way he befriends the least of these
11. How smart he is
12. His arms that are so muscular that it’s hard to find a shirt for him to wear for our wedding
13. The masculine lines of his face
14. His big brother heart, and how that will so seamlessly slip into being a father heart when the time comes
15. His honesty
16. How founded he is in what he believes
17. His confidence
18. That most of the time when I talk to him I learn something new
19. His passion for hospitality
20. How good he is with money
21. That he goes into battle for those who can’t fight for themselves
22. The way he loves me.


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