Beautiful and good things

Today, I am writing in anticipation.

This evening, I will be in the midst of 300 people with varying disabilities, leading a group of 10 volunteers who are giving up their long weekend to prepare food, serve meals and wash dishes.

Last year was my first experience of CMWDT National Camp (Christian Ministries With Disabled Trust).  We were short on volunteers, but you never would have noticed. These girls were amazing, and watching their hearts melt and grow over the weekend was almost more inspiring then watching people who can’t even walk or talk lifting their hands in worship to God.  

I remember the 12 year old volunteer who burst into tears upon hearing the testimony of a man with a brain injury, and the way he enveloped her in her arms and held her as she wept for him. I remember the young, cute guy whose legs didn’t work, and the way he flirted with all the girls to get extra helpings of lunch, and the incredible power in his arms as he pulled himself up the rockwall. I remember the way my heart didn’t stop swelling with happiness the whole weekend. But what sticks out most in my mind, is the volunteers and staff alike wanting to be out helping, serving, because it was so clear that God was at work.

So today, I am writing in anticipation. I can’t wait to see what this weekend will bring.

“Unexpected intrusions of beauty. That is what life is.”
— Saul Bellow


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