I saw tomorrow

World,  I am so excited for you.

I’m excited because these incredible young people are being sent out to change you, to love you, to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to you.

It was a few weeks ago, but still I get goosebumps when I remember almost every single one of the people in this photograph on their knees, praying “Jesus, I believe, but help me with my unbelief.” And then to remember the privilege it was to cry with several of the beautiful girls, and to pray for them. I never would have thought it would have been me, that I would have been one of the ladies who encouraged and supported teenage girls. Sometimes I still can’t believe it. Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift.

There’s nothing quite like the confidence I felt as I hung out with these incredible young people. So often, when looking at children and young people today, I just feel despair. So many times, I have cried while watching them. Not knowing – or worse, knowing – what they’re going to home to, or what pain they have in their hearts. It is terrifying, the world our babies are born into. But these young people that weekend, around them all I could feel was hope. Fifty-something young people, every single one of them just brimming with potential, overflowing with God’s love. Knowing they’re out in the world gives me hope for the future.

Imagining the things they will achieve in Jesus’ Name, world, I am so excited for you.

“I saw tomorrow
I saw tomorrow marching
I saw tomorrow marching on little children’s feet
Within their forms and faces, her prophecy now complete.
I saw tomorrow look at me from little children’s eyes
And thought, how carefully we would teach if we were truly wise.”


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