Whisper words of wisdom

“There’s a road, we must travel. There’s a promise we must make… The riches will be plenty, worth the price we had to pay.”
– I Know Where I’ve Been, Hairspray

I was watching Hairspray last night, and I know it’s not very often that a cute little musical inspires action against injustice, although, admit it, I know you tear up a little when Motormouth Maybelle sings “You can’t stop today, as it comes speeding down the track. Child, yesterday is history and it’s never coming back! Tomorrow is a brand new day, and it don’t know white from black (Yeah!)”

But during the march scene, the emotion that built up inside me was so strong I just had to get up and dance. This isn’t unusal, dancing is often what I do with pent up emotion. It meets with the music and flows out through my body until I have nothing else to feel. 

I felt sorrow. Sorrow for all the people I know are out who there suffering. Sorrow for the hearts of young girls who don’t know that they’re worth dying for. Sorrow for the millions dying each day without having ever lived. Sorrow for the least of these.

I felt anger. Anger because we’re not doing anything about it. When the African Americans were fighting for equality, it was not enough for them to stand up. It took for them to scream. But when they did, they were heard. The young men, women and children trafficked into sexual slavery do not even have legs. They are hidden without a voice and without hope. They can’t fight. But I can stand. I can speak out. I can shout. I can scream. I can fight. And I don’t. I always say that I’d like to think that if I saw some injustice, I’d do something about it. If I saw somone hitting their wife or child, for instance, I’d step in and help that woman or child. But I know I wouldn’t. Because I see injustice every day, and I ignore it. 

I felt despair. Despair because sexual slavery is such a huge problem. Certainly too huge for one person to have an influence. But we’re all one person, and if each of us stood up and screamed for this injustice to stop, the problem wouldn’t seem so big. It is overwhelming, but it is not bigger then my God. And I have a responsibility to do something about it.

What will I actually do about it? That’s up to God, and my prayer is that He would show me. Because I can not ever say I did not know.


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