The heritage of the servants of the Lord

Beside me as a I talked on the phone was a nail, probably about 3 inches long, with the pointy half of it covered in red paint. And as I talked on the phone, I ignored it. I did not hyperventilate, I did not begin to stim, I did not silent scream. I just continued talking on the phone.

This would be a pretty normal thing for anyone else, but I don’t open windows. I’m scared of safety pins, and of leaving pens lying around. I have weeks where I can’t sleep because of the images I see when I close my eyes. A normal day will be shattered when I run past something sharp and realise I could have been hurt. To sit beside a nail, especially one covered in red paint like blood, and not have an adverse reaction was previously impossible for me, because I was phobic of eye injuries.

But with God, all things are possible, and I know that my phobia is gone. Because this afternoon, I got a message to say that an incredible woman I know was on the phone, and did I want to talk to her? I watched this woman pray healing into the life of a little girl traumatised by abuse at the hands of her mother. She’s already prayed healing over me, regarding another phobia I had – one of people touching my ears. So of course I wanted to talk to her.

I took the call in the property office, the only office where no one was, and she prayed for me. When went to the root, which stemmed so simply from having had a handful of sand smashed into my eye when I was 11, and handed it over to Jesus. I literally felt a tightness around my chest release. I had been set free from the bonds of this fear. And as we went on to talk about me getting married and her daughter going to uni, I noticed the nail. And so unimportant was it, that I didn’t even realise until afterwards that I’d seen it and not cared.

I am healed. I am set free. No weapon forged against me shall prevail. My God is stronger then the spirit of fear.

“No weapon forged against you will prevail,
       and you will refute every tongue that accuses you.
       This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord,
       and this is their vindication from Me,”
       declares the LORD
Isaiah 54:17


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